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Post  RavenStar on Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:17 pm

Rule list
Please follow the rules posted here, you get 3 warnings and if you continue to break the rules you will be banned from this forum without hesitation. If you catch someone breaking the rules before an admin, please report them by PMing an admin as soon as possible.

1) No sexual content/ graphic mating. Kids may be on this site.

2) Role-play realistically. No unrealistic names.. including names with things like 'Ocean' or 'Lake'. Warrior cats do not call those things by their real names.

3) No cussing, keep it to PG-13 please. There are exceptions like 'crap' and 'damn'.

4) Any sort of bullying is not tolerated, this is a safe zone. You must be friendly to all members.

5) No killing another person's cat without their permission. This is considered god-modding.

6) Absolutely NO god-modding. God-modding is controlling another person's character, and what they do. This is not tolerated and you will automatically be given a warning.

7) No more than two cats on one account, you, however, can have as many accounts as you would like.

8 At any given time I can change the rules, or add more.

9) NO roleplaying, unless you have made a character sheet and have been approved. You must wait until an admin approves of your character. You may talk in the chat box without being approved. See 'Character Creation' to make a character sheet

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