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Post  RavenStar on Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:50 pm

[This is an example sheet, do NOT post in here, post a new topic just like I did.]

Name: RavenSky (star)
Age (in moons): 16 moons
Description: Black she-cat with a white chest and paws, has green eyes.
Wanted Clan: ChinookClan
Wanted Rank: Leader
History (optional): When RavenStar was a kit, she and her brother had gotten lost while following their mother through a forest. It was leaf-bare so there was light snowfall, and both of the kits were freezing. Her brother ended up dying, even though they had curled up together in a fallen tree. Raven never found her mother, but was taken into a new clan. The memory haunts her to this day.
Other/Special (optional): She excels in leading, she's very friendly and open-minded, but has somewhat of a short temper.

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